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Zeppelin Development Inc. – Mickey Zeppelin

Mickey Zeppelin is a Denver native and graduate of North High School, the University of Colorado and the University of California Law School at Berkeley.  He is a member of the Colorado Bar and actively engaged in the practice of law until 1972 when he focused his energy on real estate development.

Mickey’s primary interest is in making Denver work as a real city.  One of his primary professional goals is to create community in an urban area that is dynamic and encourages all types of human exchange. 

He was a pioneer and continues as a developer, property owner and manager, and investor in the Historic Lower Downtown District, the Golden Triangle, and Cherry Creek areas of Denver.  His projects include renovation of several office buildings in Lower Downtown Denver, the rehabilitation and redevelopment of the Right Bank Building, the Cadillac Lofts, the Volker Loft Project, the Grand Cherokee Lofts, P.S. 1 Charter School, the Civitas Building, the Lighting Studio and Tantra, a 300-unit residential project in Boulder.  Mickey was also owner and co-founder of the popular City Spirit Café in “LoDo” and recently founded and owns the Acoma Center, a multi media performance and community center located in the Golden Triangle.

As a volunteer, Mickey Zeppelin also has contributed to the successful evolution of the Denver community, serving on the steering committees for the Downtown Denver, Central Platte Valley, Lower Downtown, and the Stapleton Tomorrow planning processes.  He was a co-founder and the first president of the Lower Downtown District, Inc., and served on the Boards of the 16th Street Mall Management and Business Improvement Districts.  In 1997 Mickey received the “Special Citizen Award for Outstanding Citizen Participation and Civic Pride” from the City and County of Denver.  Currently, he is president-elect of the Golden Triangle Neighborhood Association.

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