Mickey Zeppelin and Kyle Zeppelin

Zeppelin Development's mission - create unique, new and reappointed places for people to live, work and play in an environment that is comfortable, visually stimulating and communal - reflects the character of this Denver native.  Mickey Zeppelin practiced law until 1972 when he focused his energy on real estate development.

Mickey's projects strive to make Denver work as a real city.  One of his primary l goals is to create community in a dynamic urban area.  Zeppelin’s projects encourage creativity, collaboration, communication, innovation and exploration.

In the words of the Denver Post's Doug Brown, " There is no doubt Zeppelin is a different kind of developer. Most of his projects have been urban gambles, not suburban sure things. Fledgling Zeppelin projects cause others to scratch their heads. He shoots for lifestyle. He talks about vision.”

Mickey has contributed to the evolution of Denver, serving on the steering committees for Downtown Denver, Central Platte Valley, Lower Downtown and the Golden Triangle.  He co-founded and was the first president of the Lower Downtown District and served on the boards of the 16th Street Mall Management and Business Improvement Districts.  He has received numerous awards for his civic leadership as well as for the quality of his developments.

Zeppelin is an urban pioneer and his portfolio of uber-urban places, have defined the cutting edge of Denver's urban revival for more than three decades. His first office at 1440 Market (1972), housed Café Nepenthes.  The City Spirit Café & Bookstore was on the ground floor of his second office at 15th and Blake Street.  City Spirit became a destination before lodo was LODO.  Volker Lofts and The Right Bank building were catalytic to historic Lower Downtown's emergence as the city's hottest mixed-use urban district.

Zeppelin was also the first to discover the Golden Triangle, converting a former car dealership into the Cadillac Lofts, years before the Golden Triangle Neighborhood was counted among Denver's most sought after urban districts.

His newest urban adventure? TAXI a mixed-use development on 20 acres of former-industrial land, adjacent to the Platte River, at the intersection of LoDo and Riverfront.  TAXI is the centerpiece of what Zeppelin considers the city’s most promising emerging neighborhood – River North.  The site is steeped in history and characterized by strong visual forms – the River, unobstructed mountain views, the City, cement plants, flourmills, stockyards and the urban grittiness of Denver’s old industrial core.

Kyle Zeppelin is a principal and chief curator of the award-winning, 20-acre mixed-use TAXI site. His role includes oversight of design and construction and sales and marketing of TAXI’s three buildings – totaling 160,000 sf. The 39-year-old personifies the qualities that define this 21st Century urban development: creativity, collaboration and flexibility. Kyle understands how to fully integrate design, cost efficiency and livability, adding value, productivity and lifestyle amenities to a thoroughly dynamic urban environment.

A Denver native, Kyle holds a law degree and lives with his wife Andra and 18-month-old daughter LuLu in TAXI 2’s southeast corner residence.

Kyle serves on the board of River North Neighbors, working with area residents and businesses to insure the continued vitality of this emerging urban district. He plays an instrumental role in distinguishing River North as an innovative, high tech job center for the city - promoting features like bridge connections and light rail stops, River reclamation and the creation of a WIFI system throughout the corridor.

As the director of sales and marketing for TAXI 2’s fully-occupied 100,000 sf mixed-use building ((2007), Kyle represents a new generation of Denver developers. Among the innovative concepts pioneered by Kyle at TAXI is the New Workplace—architecturally unique, open plan, interactive workspaces reflecting the more democratic, way people work today. Additionally, Kyle’s Crash Pad a well designed, yet moderately priced urban living space, offers urban dwellers an innovative live-work option. Kyle works with a team of design and construction professionals to develop new products and ideas that capitalize on TAXI's culture of collaboration and interaction - the longstanding trademark of Zeppelin Development. It is under Kyle’s leadership that a new mixed use “edge” is being created in downtown Denver.

Kyle directed the design, construction and leasing of TAXI’s newest addition – the 30,000 sf FREIGHT building. The transformation of this mid-Century brick warehouse into flexible workspace is anchored by a 6,000 sf early childhood education center. Occupied my tech businesses, designers, a cracker company and food distributor – the newest addition to the TAXI site adds 16 businesses to the development.


Dianne Belloni:
I have worked with Zeppelin Development since mid 1996. eventually replacing longtime assistant Lillian, who retired in her mid 80's. (No WAY I'll work that long!)  

I am a utility infielder, managing multiple properties around Denver - houses, offices commercial buildings and apartments.  I provide  administrative support, property management, leasing and brokerage services at Zeppelin.

And yes, I still decipher Mickey’s handwriting better than anyone!

I love wearing many hats at Zeppelin. It's fun (sometimes nerve-wracking) to be a part of the Zeppelin team. I consistently win the Zeppelin's Sunniest Disposition award. And, I give the best holiday presents.

Susan Barnes-Gelt:
I have been a consultant at TAXI since 2004. I have difficulty with commitment.

I've known Mickey since 1972, when I came back home from NYC where I went to college.  Mickey hired me to do a feasibility study for him on ground he owned in Brighton. Once he explained what a feasibility study was and gave me a map to Brighton, I did a pretty good job.

At Zeppelin I do my best to
• generate buzz
• organize a group of intensely creative ideators
• eat regularly

I love being part of the TAXI fleet!

Kristen Nelson:

Kristen joined the Zeppelin Development team in 2009 as Director of Accounting and Finance.  She previously worked as Project Accountant for MacKenzie House, a residential development firm specializing in senior housing. Her accounting career began in the ski industry working in the Cascade Mountains of Washington.

Kristen is responsible for all accounting and financial transactions related to acquisition, development, property management, and sales and leasing of commercial and residential properties. She spends way too much time at her desk and hopes to see a little more sun this summer.

Kristen is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound and lives in Denver with her husband Bryan.

Patrick McMichael, AIA, LEED AP

I’m a recovering Architect and have worked with a variety of businesses to design and build their spaces here at TAXI. I first worked with Zeppelin Development as Project Manager for the LEED Silver BRS Architecture build-out of 10,000 sf in TAXI2, which lead to the design of TAXI Fitness.

I’m the new guy--started in late 2010—but have known the gang since 2007. In my spare time I like to start construction projects at the house, and finish most of them. Don’t be alarmed when you see a big hairy white dog following me around the campus. It's Shasta and her sole objective is locating the next hand to pet her.

Susan Wick, Resident Artist





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